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Wood Floor Refinishing and Resurfacing in Kansas City, Kansas

All Star Hardwood Flooring

We invite residents from across the Kansas City, Kansas area to take advantage of our incredible wood flooring services. Whether you have oak, Brazilian, red oak, or hickory wood, we can provide you with fantastic wood floor refinishing. Before we begin sanding your entire floor, we start by testing a small area to ensure your flooring is susceptible to our refinishing. Once we verify your flooring is a good fit for hardwood refinishing, we then sand the entire surface to remove and previous debris.

When we perform flooring resurfacing, we also use our sanding methods to smooth the surface and remove imperfections or potential splinters. After your floors have been sanded and swept, we will then apply a new layer of stain, seal any cracks, and apply gloss for amazing results. We provide each of our customers with a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor! If you are living in the Kansas City area and require wood floor resurfacing, speak with us today at (913) 213-1751 to learn more.