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Engineered Wood and Hardwood Flooring Installation in Kansas City, Kansas

All Star Hardwood Flooring

Many customers seek our hardwood flooring contractors to provide them with brand new wood floor installations. We obtain the greatest options in wood flooring needs, which include oak, red oak, hickory, and Brazilian wood selection. At All Star Hardwood Flooring, our certified and insured flooring contractors provide a 1-year warranty on all work and labor. We are also one of the few companies in the area that lace hardwood flooring; we fuse each panel in order for them to look as original as possible.

At All Star Hardwood Flooring, we offer a variety of options when we provide you with wood flooring installations. Whether you choose a particular pattern like weaving or simple connections, we can do it all! Unlike many of our competitors, we are also one of the few hardwood flooring companies that do all of our work with our hands. In addition to our hardwood flooring, we also offer services for laminate and engineered wood floor installations as well. If you live in Kansas City, speak with us today at (913) 213-1751 to learn more about our incredible wood installations right away, and schedule your free estimate.