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We proudly provide the community with the best results on all of their hardwood and laminate flooring needs. Whether you are a home or commercial property owner, we will provide fast, affordable, and reputable flooring installation. We use the highest quality materials to provide you with amazing results.


Many customers are in need of our help for their hardwood floors. We can restore damaged oak flooring with our incredible floor repairs. Some common occurrences that require wood flooring repairs include water damage and cracks. We use readily available products so you can continue providing your restored floors with great care.


If you own property that is in need of hardwood floor refinishing, we can provide you with the best results. We begin by testing a sample area to verify that adhesion will be successful. Once we are sure your wood flooring is susceptible, we will sand it down, fill in cracks, stain, and gloss for a flawless finish.

About us

All Star Hardwood flooring

All Star Hardwood Flooring is a licensed and insured hardwood flooring installer in Kansas City, Kansas. As a versatile flooring contractor, we also refinish hardwood floors of many finishes. With affordable pricing and fast installation, our flooring installation services are sought after from Leawood to Kansas City.

This versatility gives our clients peace of mind that only one call is needed to install cherry, oak, mahogany, or hardwood floors of any finish. Our Kansas City floor installations are prompt, courteous, and respectful of your home.

Our experience enables us to advise on the most appropriate hardwood surface for your living room, kitchen, or office. From mahogany floors for a traditional look, to distinctive cherry wood floors in a living room, All Star Hardwood Flooring guarantees your satisfaction.

Engineered Wood and Solid Wood Floors

We take pride in saving our clients time and money. This includes hardwood floor refinishing of older oak wood flooring. All Star Hardwood Flooring can restore the original luster and rich grain texture of scratched cherry wood surfaces. Our refinished floors are an affordable alternative to installing new kitchen floors. We understand the importance of well maintained floors.

Bumps or cracks can be a safety hazard that family members can trip on. Cracked living room flooring is unsightly and can detract from the experience of entertaining guests. We will restore and repair your home’s wooden floors to be safe and look great.

This makes a call to All Star Hardwood Flooring an investment in your home’s curb appeal and function. It is this flexibility to improve your existing hardwood surfaces that separates us from many other Kansas City flooring contractors.

All Star Hardwood Flooring is locally owned and operated. In sharing the Kansas City area with our customers, we are committed to improving our hometown community.

For an estimate or to schedule installation, please contact us at (913) 213-1751.


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